Bitters: A Sweet Alternative to the Classic Cocktail

Mar 9, 2011 |

In a recent article, the folks at VIVMag find that Bittermens Bitters take sparkling water “from ordinary to interesting”:

“One of our favorite benefits of the recent artisan cocktail craze is the increasing popularity and development of craft bitters. And we recently made a delicious discovery: A dash or two of bitters added to a glass of sparkling water makes for an elegant, tasty and nearly calorie-free alternative to a cocktail.

Most cocktail bitters contain alcohol, but so little is used — a few dashes in a glass — that there’s a negligible amount in our drinks. Bittermens — which has such flavors as Xocolatl Mole and Hopped Grapefruit — range from 44–53 percent alcohol, but the bitters are classified as food products and nonbeverage alcohol, like vanilla extract. Though Bittermens, which is made in very small batches in Brooklyn, NY, can be found at Manhattan artisan cocktail spots such as Death + Company and Mayahuel, we like them best for taking sparkling water from ordinary to interesting.”

via: Bitters: A Sweet Alternative to the Classic Cocktail

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