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Jun 12, 2011 |

Photo by Agaton Strom for The Wall Street Journal

Melanie Grayce West of the Wall Street Journal writes about Amor y Amargo, a new pop-up bar managed by Bittermens co-founder Avery Glasser:

“Amor y Amargo is the place to get geeky about bitters, the distilled herbs, peels and spices that give cocktails their oomph.

The East Village bar is a bit of a pivot for Ravi DeRossi, who runs next-door hotspots Death & Co. and Cienfuegos, among others. The bar is half cocktail den and half storefront. For the drinks, recent standouts include the A L’Ancienne, with cognac and mole bitters ($14), and the cola-tasting Redemption, made with Jägermeister and Laird’s Applejack ($12).

The store is stocked by partner Avery Glasser, the proprietor of bitters distillery Bittermens. If you like the bitters at the bar, you can take some home with bartending equipment. (The bar hosts classes, too.)

To be sure, this is a tiny niche bar for people who want to focus on bitters and amari liqueurs for a night. ‘I think if we had 50-plus seats we would have gone out of business by now,’ says Mr. DeRossi. “This venue allows us to be extremely interactive with our clientele.'”

The entire line of Bittermens Bitters (including our experimental series) can be purchased at the bar, located at 443 E. 6th Street in New York City.

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