Sazerac Purchases Strategic Interest in Bittermens

Mar 3, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAZERAC COMPANY PURCHASES STRATEGIC INTEREST IN BITTERMENS, LLC Current Owners to Stay on to Lead the Company NEW ORLEANS, LA (March 3, 2017) One of the oldest producers of cocktail bitters in the United States is joining forces with the company that helped spearhead the modern bitters resurgence, as Sazerac purchases a … read more


Jul 6, 2014

Speed Craft is our line of all natural syrups for classic cocktails.

Bittermens Spirits

Jul 6, 2014

Bittermens Spirits focuses on the production of reinterpreted classic European liqueurs, made in upstate New York.

DALA Spirits

Jul 6, 2014

In 2012, Avery and Janet Glasser, founders of Bittermens, took on another project – creating a Scandinavian-style Bitter Schnapps. This new formulation, which is now known as Bäska Snaps, was launched during the fall of that year in Sweden and is now available throughout the United States and Europe. The Scandinavian flavor profile is profoundly different from … read more

25 Food Gifts – Best Gifts for Foodies Under $50 – Redbook

Dec 31, 2013

Whether making a champagne cocktail or spiced wine, these aromatic bitters turn the enthusiastic home bartender into a professional mixologist. Bittermens Bitters, $18.95 each; Kegworks. via 25 Food Gifts – Best Gifts for Foodies Under $50 – Redbook.

Better Boozing: Twelve Bartender-Approved Secret Cocktail Ingredients — Grub Street New York

Dec 31, 2013

Bittermens Orange Cream Citrate, $18 The bespoke bitters-maker boom is one of the more ridiculous outcroppings of the handcrafted-everything movement. (Has Portlandia taught us nothing?) But it’s also helped bring erstwhile products like orange bitters — an essential ingredient in many classic cocktails, including the original martini — back to our shelves. This take on … read more

Bittermens bitters company relocates to New Orleans

Dec 31, 2013

In 2007, Janet and Avery Glasser launched the Bittermens bitters company. In 2011, they leased a space in Brooklyn, where the two of them made and bottled cocktail ingredients like Boston Bittahs, Hopped Grapefruit Bitters and Xocolatl Mole Bitters. The business was growing. But they figured it would be at least three years before they’d … read more

Foodie Find: potent Xocolatl Mole bitters

Dec 31, 2013

A couple dashes of the right bitters can elevate a mere mixed drink into a true cocktail. The Xocolatl Mole bitters from Bittermens are made in small batches from cocoa, cinnamon and spices, and go especially well with dark rum-based drinks, like bartender Benjamin Deacon’s Kraken old-fashioned (try them with bourbon and rye, too). What’s more, the little … read more

PAPERMAG: Cocktail of the Week:The Shibui at Neta

Dec 31, 2013

A swirl of three equal parts Hakushu 12-year-old single malt Japanese whisky (“light, smoky and well-balanced,” according to Polsky); wild cherry- and quinine-infused Maurin Quina white wine; and Gran Classico Bitter liqueur, topped off with spicy-tart Bittermens Burlesque bitters and a dried cherry garnish, the amber-colored Shibui is “essentially a sixth cousin of the Negroni,” … read more

The Island Hopper

Dec 31, 2013

I often get the job of bartender when we have a party and I love creating a signature drink.  It’s a great way to kick start the night.  “The Lime-el Hampton” and the “Sagaponack Chronic” are two of my more infamous libations.  With pride and a little bit of warning, I can say both cocktails … read more