Allergens and Declarations

Combined US/EU Declaration of Potential Allergens and Other Ingredients of Note

Updated: 11/8/2017


Bottles with this OU mark are Certified Kosher-Pareve (Not for Passover) by Orthodox Union
GMO-Free marked bottles have passed a secondary GMO screening audit
Gluten-Free (manufactured in facilities that may process gluten)
Alcohol Source: Before 6/2016 – Cereal Grain
Alcohol Source: After 7/1/2016 – Sugar Cane (bottles will be marked GMO-Free)
Manufactured in compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative
Product of USA

Xocolatl Mole Bitters
Declarations: quinine

Hopped Grapefruit Bitters
Declarations: quinine, grapefruit

‘Elemakule Tiki Bitters
Declarations: quinine, caffeine

Boston Bittahs
Declarations: quinine, grapefruit

Burlesque Bitters
Declarations: malic acid (E296)

Orange Cream Citrate
Declarations: caffeine, citric acid (E330)

Orchard Street Celery Shrub
Declarations: celery, citric acid (E330)

Hellfire Habanero Shrub
Declarations: citric acid (E330)

Scarborough Savory Herbal Bitters
Declarations: tartaric acid (E334), quinine

Buckspice Gingersnap Bitters
Declarations: none

Transatlantic Modern Aromatic Bitters
Declarations: licorice

New England Spiced Cranberry
Declarations: malic acid (E296)

Крупнік (Krupnik) Herbal Honey Bitters
Declarations: tartaric acid (E334), celery seed – Contains honey and is therefore not suitable for vegans

Winter Melon Bitters
Declarations: none





Gluten-Free (manufactured in facilities that may process gluten)
Bottles with this mark Kof-K Parve are certified Kosher-Parve by Kof-K (K# 33F2M)
Product of USA

The Holy Hand Grenadine
Declarations: citric acid (E330), malic acid (E296), lactic acid (E270)

Cordial Lime
Declarations: citric acid (E330), malic acid (E296), lactic acid (E270)

Bitter Lemon Soda Syrup
Declarations: citric acid (E330), malic acid (E296), lactic acid (E270), quinine

Tonic Syrup
Declarations: grapefruit, citric acid (E330), malic acid (E296), quinine

Grapefruit Cream Soda Syrup
Declarations: grapefruit, citric acid (E330), malic acid (E296), tartaric acid (E334), ascorbic acid (E300)

Passionfruit Nectar Syrup
Declarations: citric acid (E330), malic acid (E296)


Alcohol Source: Cereal Grain – Distillate is Gluten Free
Product of USA
All Natural
The Neutral Spirit that is used for the spirits is tested post distillation to be GMO Free. However, the distillery does not audit their grain sources, which we find to be insufficient. We are currently evaluating new Neutral Spirits.
All botanicals and ingredients are certified GMO Free

Amére Nouvelle
Declarations: quinine, licorice

Amére Sauvage
Declarations: none

Hiver Amer
Declarations: quinine, licorice

Commonwealth Tonic Liqueur
Declarations: quinine, grapefruit, citric acid (E330)

Citron Sauvage
Declarations: grapefruit, citric acid (E330)

New Orleans Coffee Liqueur
Declarations: caffeine

Tepache Mexican-Inspired Spiced Pineapple Liqueur
Declarations: none

DALA Spirits

All Natural
Alcohol Source: Gluten Free Grain
Product of Iceland

Bäska Snaps
Declarations: thujone

Salmiakki Dala
Declarations: licorice, natural caramel color (E150), sal ammoniac (E510)

Solståndet Malted Aquavit
Declarations: malted barley – added pre distillation. Though no gluten from the malted barley is expected to pass through distillation, the product has not been tested post distillation for gluten.



Quinine: an alkaloid that gives tonic water its specific bitter flavor. Our quinine in the bitters and liqueurs comes from the extraction of cinchona bark and is in very small quantities. In our tonic water syrup, pharmaceutical grade natural quinine extract is used so we can be precise on the amount of quinine in our product, as the concentration is much higher. Germany and the EU requires declaration of any products that contain quinine.

Caffeine: All of the caffeine in our products comes from the coffee beans used in three of our blends. Germany and the EU requires declaration of any products that contain caffeine.

Sal Ammoniac: This is the specific type of salt used by candy makers in the Netherlands and Scandinavia, specifically for the production of salmiak, or salted licorice candy.

Citric Acid: A natural fruit acid which gives that lemony sort of sour flavor. Ours comes either from citrus fruit or from the natural fermentation of sugar.

Malic Acid: The acid that gives most green fruit (green apples, kiwis) and sour patch kids their distinct sour flavor. Malic comes from the latin word for apples.

Lactic Acid: Found in milk products, lactic acid gives a creamy tart flavor. No lactose is in lactic acid.

Tartaric Acid: Also called cream of tartar, this forms as whitish crystals on the inside of wine barrels and provides a pleasant sourness found in sherries and other oxidized white wines.

Natural Caramel Color: Our natural caramel color comes from cooking down sugar until it reaches a very deep brown color. Some people have sensitivity to caramel color.

Grapefruit: Some medications interact poorly with an enzyme found in grapefruit. Rx List maintains a list of common drugs that should not be mixed with grapefruit.

Celery: Celery is one of the ingredients that the EU requires producers to highlight due to potential allergic reaction in a small number of people.

Licorice:  Licorice is one of the ingredients that the EU requires producers to highlight due to potential allergic reaction in a small number of people.