Tepache – Spiced Pineapple Liqueur

A Mexican-Inspired Spiced Pineapple Liqueur

At neighborhood taquerias throughout Mexico, you’ll find barrels filled with a magical brew called Tepache. Mildly alcoholic, this beverage is made by fermenting pineapple rinds along with cloves, cinnamon, allspice and piloncillo. Some recipes use a little bit of beer to kick off fermentation as well.

Extremely tasty and refreshing, Tepache is also extremely unstable – kept cold, it’s good for less than a week before the natural yeast on the rinds kicks into overdrive and turns it into a very tasty vinegar.

We’ve taken a traditional Tepache recipe and turned it into a 40% Alc./Vol. liqueur. Refreshing, try serving it with a splash of soda water or work it into a variety of tequila and mescal drinks.

Original Concept and Final Formulation: Avery Glasser
40% Alc./Vol.
Bottle Format: 750ml