Passionfruit Nectar Soda Syrup

Nectar – the storied soda of Old New Orleans. Though there doesn’t seem to be a set recipe for how they used to make Nectar Soda, we know that it was a blend of pineapple and vanilla with berry and citrus notes.

Now a little further north in the Bayou, passionfruit grows everywhere. We swapped passionfruit for berries and came up with a soda syrup that’s amazing on a snoball and makes a mean Hurricane!

Our preferred Hurricane cocktail:
1.5 ounce Silver Rum
.5 ounce Dark Rum
.5 oz high-proof Demerara Rum (optional)
1 oz Speed Craft Passionfruit Nectar Syrup

Either shake with lots of ice and then strain into a glass with fresh ice or, for a faster version, pour everything into a crushed ice filled glass and give a quick stir!

Ingredients: Filtered Water; Sugar; Concentrated Passionfruit, Pineapple, Lemon and Pomegranate Juice; Natural Citric and Malic Acids; Gomme Arabic; Vanilla Extract

Kosher Statement: Bottles with the Kof-K seal are certified Kosher-Parve, KID# 33F2M.

Made in the USA.
16oz bottle UPC: 0856972005143