Legacy Flavors

Old-Fashioned Bitters, Orange Bitters, Lemon Bitters, Mint Bitters – if you’re looking for these, try your local liquor store. Bittermens are a whole different kind of bitters.

The foundation for our bitters is the cocktail – and each bitter we’ve created was designed to enhance classic drinks as well as help build the foundation for a new generation of classic cocktails.

Our bitters formulas are non-potable flavoring extracts created by steeping a variety of herbs, spices and peels in taxed high-proof neutral grain spirit.

Though we no longer produce these bitters on a regular basis, they may come back as an occasional seasonal treat.

Sweet Chocolate Bitters
A happy mistake that occurred when mis-measuring the amount of chocolate in a batch of Xocolatl Bitters. Our simplest bitter from a cocktail perspective, it brings primarily chocolate notes. They rescue the dreaded “Choco-Tini” from banality.
Primary Flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!

Moroccan Orange
A blend of North African spices and orange peel, accented with the faint aroma and flavor of coffee – these are not your run-of-the-mill orange bitters. Built as a custom bitter, this bitter brings that special something to everything from a refreshing gin spritz to a warming winter toddy.
Primary Flavors: Coffee, Orange and Roasted Spices