Bitter Lemon Soda Syrup

Bitter lemon Soda – a quintessentially British mixer. Perfect in a Pimm’s Cup, a great way to make a quick Tom Collins and a favorite way to make a shandy.

Our trick? Use great juice, natural quinine extract and a little lactic acid and gomme syrup. The lactic acid works beautifully to create a round mouthfeel and the gomme adds a touch of silkiness when combined with soda water.

Now, when life gives you lemons, you can forget the lemonade and make marmalade!

Our favorite Pimm’s Cup:
1.25 oz Pimm’s Number 1
1 oz Better Than British Bitter Lemon Syrup
5 oz soda water
1 long thin cucumber slice as garnish

Add Pimm’s and Bitter Lemon Syrup to a collins glass. Fill with ice, add soda water to fill the glass. Give a quick stir and slide the cucumber into the glass.

Actually, that’s not completely true. Our favorite Pimm’s Cup also adds in a half ounce of London Dry Gin 🙂

How to use: Mix one part of our tonic syrup to five parts soda water for a classic European-style clarified sparkling lemonade.

Ingredients: Filtered water; sugar; clarified concentrated lemon juice (from concentrate); Natural Acid Blend (citric, lactic and malic); lemon oil; gomme (gum arabic) and natural quinine extract

Notice: This product contains quinine. Diluted 5 to 1, this product contributes 75 parts per million quinine.

Kosher Statement: Bottles with the Kof-K seal are certified Kosher-Parve, KID# 33F2M.

Made in the USA.
16oz bottle UPC: 0856972005136