Tonic Syrup

Every syrup maker seems to have magically discovered a long lost family recipe for making the “World’s Best Tonic Water.”

We feel left out because our relatives never made tonic water, but they sure as heck drank lots of gin and tonics.

What makes tonic taste like tonic? Quinine. Quinine is a very distinctive alkaloid that primarily comes from the bark of the Cinchona tree, and the taste? It tastes like tonic water.

We tried to make a tonic syrup that tastes like the great tonic waters of Europe using cinchona bark instead of pure quinine. However, after months of experimenting, we couldn’t pull it off. Trying to figure out why the tonic syrup tasted muddy and overly astringent, we learned that quinine isn’t water soluble. You can boil cinchona bark for a month and all you’ll have is hot wet cinchona bark. Oh, and tannins. Lots and lots of tannins. That’s what tastes so astringent.

The nice thing is that quinine is alcohol soluble (it’s also soluble in formaldehyde, but who would ever want to drink that?). So, in 2011 we launched a tonic liqueur. Though it’s great, people kept on asking for a non-alcoholic version… so we went back to the drawing board.

After a long and exhaustive search, we found a producer of all natural quinine extract. Now we could tackle that tonic syrup!

That’s our story. At Speed Craft, we think that our blend of citrus, sugar and natural quinine beats a manufactured marketing story any day.

How to use: Mix one part of our tonic syrup to five parts soda water for a classic off-dry tonic water.

Ingredients: Filtered water; sugar; clarified concentrated lemon, lime, grapefruit and tangerine juices; Natural Acid Blend (citric and malic); lemon and lime oil; gomme (gum arabic) and natural quinine extract

Notice: This product contains quinine. Diluted 5 to 1, this product contributes 75 parts per million quinine.

Kosher Statement: Bottles with the Kof-K seal are certified Kosher-Parve, KID# 33F2M.

Made in the USA.
16oz bottle UPC: 0856972005129