Spiced Cranberry Cream Citrate

Spiced Cranberry Cream Citrate

We never thought we would work with cranberries. Not that there’s anything wrong with cranberries, but they were never an ingredient that called out to us. However, when The Drink in Brooklyn told us that their source for cranberry bitters had dried up and that the alternatives didn’t work for the bar’s most successful punch, we thought we’d give it a stab.

We tried the punch without any bitters at all and tried to figure out what the profile would need to be. In the end, it did need some spice, vanilla and acidity as well as some sour berries, but it didn’t really need any more bitterness. Our research on the soda shop techniques that we used for the Orange Cream Citrate ended up being a perfect match for the cranberry and spice.

We initially thought that we would make one batch for the bar as a bespoke formulation, but when we started to pass it around our sample bars, bartenders immediately took interest in the flavor. So, we decided to put it into circulation through the experimental series.

By the way, it works particularly well with cognac and bourbon and teams up nicely with aromatic bitters.

Please note: this flavor is no longer being produced.