Squirrel Nut Bitters

Squirrel Nut Pecan Vanilla Bitters

It would be easy to make the obvious pun that you must be a nut to try and make a bitter out of pecans, but these bitters did come from a crazy sort of idea. If you get into the way-back machine, there was a drink that Brian Miller, then of Death and Company, was working on called the Buffalo Soldier, which required a nut infused bourbon (guess the brand…). In the process of discussing the best way to infuse nut flavors into spirits, we started to wonder if the same techniques could be used to make a nut bitter. This is the result.

Our current formulation of the Squirrel Nut Bitters also includes a touch of almond, which some folks say gives it a bit of an orgeat-ish flavor. It’s great in Manhattan variants and riffs on Old Fashioneds. It’s amazing with aged rums, mellow bourbons, cognac and port wine-based cocktails too. Of course, people with nut allergies should avoid using this bitter.

Please note: the Squirrel Nut Bitters are no longer being produced.