Urbane, Not Cosmopolitan: MxMo XLVII: Punch

Apr 2, 2010 |

MxMo XLVII: Punch

Chris W. posted a cocktail using the Donn’s Tinc for Mixology Monday…

Donn’s Gin Punch

1 part lime juice
scant 2 parts limoncello, plus a dash of Maraschino liqueur
3 parts London dry gin
4 parts ginger beer
2 dashes per cup Donn’s Tinc
1 dash per cup Blood Orange syrup (optional, for color. I used Torani’s version.)

Combine all save for Donn’s Tinc with a large block of ice in a punchbowl. Dash in Donn’s Tinc to each cup, then ladle in punch mixture. If using Blood Orange syrup, add dash after punch has been ladled into cup. For an individual serving, assume 1 part is 1/2 ounce.

Urbane, Not Cosmopolitan: MxMo XLVII: Punch.

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